Our History

The Hemophilia Alliance of Maine (HAM), was born out of a mutually recognized desire to connect with other residents of Maine, in the Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders community. HAM was formed to create support, programming, and advocacy for Maine’s unique, rural Bleeding Disorders population.

The Hemophilia Alliance of Maine, incorporated in 2011, serves the Maine Bleeding Disorders community through a mission that works to educate, advocate, support and assist those living with a Bleeding Disorder. This multiple-award-winning organization, has had tremendous growth over the years and serves a statewide population. HAM identifies as a community-based organization that works with and for Maine individuals and families, affected by a Bleeding Disorder.

HAM works through models that are derived from shared leadership and deep collaboration, and provide many programs throughout the year. HAM has found the most success in saying YES to opportunity, emphasizing our small but mighty approach and deeply valuing our partners.

The Hemophilia Alliance of Maine works in collaboration with other New England chapters, as well as our care provider partners and our national partners.