What is Advocacy?

Ad-vo-ca-cy: The support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy.


Personal and public advocacy are two important pieces needed for the same puzzle! Both ask for you to use your voice and both need you to take action!

HAM has dedicated itself to strengthen your personal voice so you can better address the issues that affect your, your family member and other folks with bleeding disorders. HAM also works to identify itself as being a strong voice for the bleeding disorders community by participating in local, state, and national advocacy forums. In the past, HAM had the opportunity to work in conjunction with other organizations to address the rising level of medication costs for our community. We were successful and want to continue in that direction, making sure that Maine always has a voice.

Raising personal and public awareness of bleeding disorders, helps create a lasting community, that improves the quality of life for people in the Maine, who are living with a bleeding disorder.

Advocating for someone with a bleeding disorder is one of the absolute most important things that a person can for the community. Personal advocacy is the ability to address the issues you are faced with your daily life, whether it is talking to your doctor, or talking to your child’s teachers about their condition. We believe that the education and support HAM provides can help you strengthen your personal voice.

You are your own best advocate.

For excellent resources about personal advocacy, visit the Hemophilia Federation of America’s Personal Advocacy Page.