Family Dance

Every May, we are proud to recognize the support our greater community provides HAM, especially our local Maine community. One of our favorite annual events, the Family Dance is a FUNdraiser for folks of all ages!

We’ll be kickin’ up our heels, hoofin’ it to some great tunes, and grazing on some good stuffs!

Wanna dance with us?

Click the link below to view the HAM calendar of events and find out when the Hemophilia Hoedown will be this year!

Calendar of Events


Winterfest is our holiday program that provides education seminars for adults and children, a chance to socialize and Stick & Swim. This is also an opportunity for consumers to exercise our right to choice by visiting the exhibit hall. Remember to bring your bathing suit!

We’re also very excited about hosting Winterfest at The Samoset Resort in Rockport, ME. Gorgeous views. Hunting Lodge Decor. Cozy Fireplace. Great Service. The way Winterfest should be!


We block off rooms especially for us for the night of Winterfest. Call 1-800-341-1650 for reservations. Be sure to mention The Hemophilia Alliance of Maine for the group rate. Scholarships are available. If you may need assistance, please contact HAM for more information. Scholarships are awarded on a case by case basis and are limited. Please email

Click the link below to view the HAM calendar of events and find out when Winterfest will be this year!

Calendar of Events

Stick & Swim

The name almost says it all!

Stick & Swim is a program designed to help people learning to self-infuse associate their shot with something fun! Swimming is one of those activities almost everyone loves to do and it’s one of the best ways a person with a bleeding disorder can stay active while still maintaining a low-impact experience.

In it’s second year, this event is exactly what it sounds like it would be! People, kids, and parents learn how to stick themselves and when they’re  done, get to take a dip in the pool! We have nursing staff on site to help us learn how to access our veins!

We’d love to see you there! And, in case you didn’t hear, first-time self sticks get a special surprise!


Click the link below to view the HAM calendar of events and find out when the next Stick & Swim will be!

Calendar of Events

Summer Social

HAM partners with the New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA) in the mission to enhance the lives of people who live with a bleeding disorder. We are excited to join up with NEHA to host the Summer Social, a fun event that seems to be holding the tradition of happening in August at Damariscotta State Park! We Eat! We Swim! We Socialize! (Some of our favorite words).

Click the link below to view the HAM calendar of events and find out when the Summer Social will be this year!

Calendar of Events

Medical Alert ID

One of the first steps to protecting yourself or your kids is to make sure a medical alert ID is worn at all times. The important information on these IDs will let emergency medical providers know information about your condition that could very well save your life. But don’t worry, medical ID styles have grown leaps and bounds. These aren’t your grandma’s gold chains anymore! From rugged Sports Bands to pendant Necklaces, you can pick the style you actually like and be protected without the worry of sticking out.

The MedicAlert® is more than just a piece of jewelry, this service provides you with constant access to the world’s largest emergency-support network. Medical alert ID’s are available for Mainers with hemophilia, Von Willebrand’s disease, or any other identified bleeding disorder at no cost.

Watcha waiting for?
Be prepared for anything & contact our office to sign up today!

Learn more about the services MedicAlert® provides & see the cool new styles.

Emergency Assistance


With all of the medical costs that come with having a bleeding disorder, HAM understands how households might find themselves in need of assistance to cover travel expenses, utilities, and other necessary purchases important to one’s care. HAM wants Mainers who are affected by a bleeding disorder to know that they always have a place to turn when the road gets bumpy.

Reach Out, Get Help.

If you are in need, please send us a message by clicking the “reach out” link above and describe how we can help. Someone from the BOD will get back to you within 24 hours.

We offer financial assistance on a case by case basis.


The Way A Bleeder's Life Should Be, Ayuh!