Washington Days

NHF’s Annual Washington Days empowers individuals in the bleeding disorders community to impact the legislative process.



Meet face-to-face with lawmakers and staff who shape national healthcare policy

Become more informed on critical issues that affect your continued access to quality care

Learn effective grassroots advocacy techniques

Source: National Hemophilia Foundation

Who should come to NHF’s Washington Days?

NHF’s Washington Days is primarily an opportunity for people affected by bleeding disorders to advocate for their own issues. This includes people with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other bleeding disorders. Parents, children and teens, and other family members – all can be great advocates. Friends, treatment center staff, and anyone who is involved in and cares about the bleeding disorders community are also encouraged to attend.

What happens at NHF’s Washington Days?

Wednesday evening there will be an orientation and training session followed by a networking reception. Participants will get a chance to meet each other, issues will be reviewed, and logistics explained. On Thursday, we’ll hit Capitol Hill! All participants will have a full day of meetings scheduled, usually together with people from the same state. Some meetings will be with the legislators themselves; others will be with a member of their staff. Whenever possible, you will visit with your own representatives and others from your state, although you may be asked to visit other state offices.

Do I have to make my own appointments?

No, NHF will schedule your meetings with the offices of your two U.S. Senators and your member of the House of Representatives. Again, you will travel as a team with other delegates from your state to each meeting. We will use your zip/postal code to determine your member in the House of Representative. Please make sure to add your zip +4 and use your home address when registering.


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