The Board

Victoria Kuhn, President, brings to the board a wealth of knowledge including experience in the insurance industry, developing a statewide oral health program, and directorship on many nonprofit boards. She, her husband, and her almost 12 year ­old twins live in Falmouth. Hemophilia runs in Victoria’s family and she, herself, has both excessive bleeding and excessive clotting disorders. With all this, she spends her “spare time” growing her family’s small business plus she loves to garden, attend kids’ sports and band activities, and catch up on sleep!

Carrie Greene, Director, and her husband live in Southern Maine with their three children; a daughter and 2 sons, both with moderate Hemophilia A. Carrie has a family history as a daughter of a Hemophilia patient, lost from the community in 1993. With the comfort she has gained through HAM’s support since the birth of their children, she has committed to offering that same support to others. She is passionate about ensuring the vitality of our existing community and future growth so HAM may continue to assist families long into the future.

JUSTIN - BOARD MEMBERJustin Levesque, Creative Director, is a severe hemophiliac with inhibitors who brings a tremendous amount of insight to the BOD. Justin’s unending amount of support, his desire to see the Maine community flourish, be more visible, and be seen as a legitimate resource for the larger community has pushed HAM to a new level.


Lianne Lapierre, Secretary, and her husband, Joey, live in northern Maine, and are the parents of a son with severe hemophilia. Living in a rural area has its challenges, but it’s overcoming those challenges that has fueled their desire to educate both those affected and unaffected with bleeding disorders. She thrives on “turning the bleeding disorder light bulb on” to those living in Maine and helping families connect with this wonderful community.


The Way A Bleeder's Life Should Be, Ayuh!