Jill Packard – Executive Director

When asked, many years ago, what she wanted to do when she “grew up,” Jill responded that she wanted to build and support sustainable communities. Fast forward to the present, Jill has realized that the work she does is to help organizations and community realize goals and develop ideas into programs that can influence positive social change.

Jill has been a part of the bleeding disorders community since 2008 when her son was born with a bleeding disorder and in 2010 when she co-founded the Hemophilia Alliance of Maine. Since then, Jill has served on the Board of Directors of HAM as Founding President and co-founded and is an adviser to the national Care Access Working Group (CAWG) that created the Bleeders’ Bill of Rights.  Jill’s passions include recognizing the inherent value of all community members and finding ways to creating meaningful relationships between HAM and the people HAM serves.

Jill can be reached by the following methods:

Phone: (207) 992-382



The Way A Bleeder's Life Should Be, Ayuh!